Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Belonging and Believing

In 1991 when I set the goal to do what I do now, I belonged to a group of people who were all doing the same thing. My vision was limited to what I learned and observed and the goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations were closely aligned with the company I kept. It was unique and different and belonging meant the world. But there was an imaginary fence that created an artificial boundary. There was a limit to what could be done and a distance one could go. Success has always been linked to reputation and affiliation. Belonging is affiliation and it will get you started. 

Hindsight is 20-20 and cliches are cliches. Next week when I return to Manila, it will be twenty years since I first went there just because I belonged. This time I will be there because of belief. Somewhere in this journey I started believing in what I did and stopped worrying just about belonging. The goals I set in Manila in 1994 were really outrageous. The ones experienced there alongside the great Zig Ziglar
in 1996 were simultaneously the lowest and highest points of my career. Standing alongside Dr. Ravi Zacharias in 2014 in front of 12,000 people was providential. Believing is liberating and it will make others want to belong to what you believe. The choice is to start. 

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