Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Declaration of Dependence

This week my adopted home will celebrate its birthday and remember
how it declared its independence. Many will be patriotic in appearance
and demeanor and the supposed desire to fundamentally transform a nation will be put on hold because of reverence. There will be the obligatory gatherings where gastronomy will be challenged with indulgence and astronomy will be illuminated by fireworks. My mother in law who prayed for me and my mentor who led me will both share a connection with this date albeit from above. One was born on the 4th of July and another was born again on that day. Joining them with her own birthday celebration will be the principal of the school in that sleepy Southern Indian town called the City of Destiny. All of them united by a day. Some may call this a coincidence.

One who taught me as a child, one who prayed for me as a son in law and one who showed me the life eternal. All joined by a day. They demonstrated their allegiance temporally and eternally. Their lives were brought together so that I could have through them a declaration of dependence. This year I renew my promise to them to be loyal to God, Family, and Country. This year I will celebrate my Declaration of Dependence. That is what Mr. Ziglar called it and it is a good day to review, renew and resurrect faith.
I hope you all have your Declaration of Dependence as well. Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous said a wise man. Wishing you a Happy Coincidence.
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