Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Translated by Grace

I had the privilege this past weekend of sharing the message in Singapore. The Smyrna Assembly of God welcomed me to their bi-lingual service. In attendance was a friend from Vietnam. The pastors father was originally from India and came to Singapore by way of Sri Lanka. I was born in India, and trained in the US. Suddenly we were confronted by the reality that all of us had traversed the globe physically and had been impacted by the universal love of God temporally.

The one who translated for me was named Grace. She was the most effective and efficient interpreter of my messaging by a long shot. Every illustration was swiftly offered and every analogy was carefully delivered. I was comforted as soon as I began and felt that this moment was God ordained. I thanked Grace for her ability and relied on grace for my own success. Long before God ever chose me He knew I would need grace to understand. Today He used Grace so that I would be understood.

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  1. Dear Krish ,

    I open our ears and listen to your message and pastor grace translation and was blessed with Psalm 23 , I just keep marked in me , because it going to stay with me for along time . Thank you so much God bless You.....

  2. The Holy Spirit is VERY evident in you and the work you do, Krish. Stay the course my friend. Jesus IS coming soon!