Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

The day to celebrate father's with lunches, cologne, ties and socks. A society that has limited the role of fathers by changing rules, and redefining order. A scramble to make sure we give him some recognition because we have already advertised the other days and they have sales. We have to acknowledge dad-even if by obligation. I want to acknowledge some fathers because of the deep impact they have had on my life.

My earthly father is a constant student and he attends my events so he can show the others what belief in a son is all about.

My father in law is a giant in the faith and yet he travels to small rural churches as I itinerate in the land of my birth. I have said a lot about my spiritual father the late Zig Ziglar who always insisted that I be given the opportunity to succeed and many times at the expense of his own time on a stage.

Today I celebrate Father's Day not out of obligation but out of pride. Not out of ritual but out of respect. My prayer for myself is that I can be a fraction of what these men were to me to the one God chose as my son. I want t be a father like the ones I admire. I want to bless my son like the fathers in my life blessed me. "Happy Fathers Day son. I am a father because you are a gift. I love you dad. I love you son."


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Translated by Grace

I had the privilege this past weekend of sharing the message in Singapore. The Smyrna Assembly of God welcomed me to their bi-lingual service. In attendance was a friend from Vietnam. The pastors father was originally from India and came to Singapore by way of Sri Lanka. I was born in India, and trained in the US. Suddenly we were confronted by the reality that all of us had traversed the globe physically and had been impacted by the universal love of God temporally.

The one who translated for me was named Grace. She was the most effective and efficient interpreter of my messaging by a long shot. Every illustration was swiftly offered and every analogy was carefully delivered. I was comforted as soon as I began and felt that this moment was God ordained. I thanked Grace for her ability and relied on grace for my own success. Long before God ever chose me He knew I would need grace to understand. Today He used Grace so that I would be understood.

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