Monday, May 13, 2013

What a friend we have....

Over the last two decades I have logged many miles and most of those as a maverick in search of an identity. Long periods of separation from family and friends was the price that was paid. Motivational speakers are not martyrs but many cling to the pain of those journeys so that they can be shown as scars in future gatherings. A badge of honor for the trials and tribulations of a life on the road. The real heroes are the ones that stay behind and pray and the ones that make the journeys possible in their own ways. I am blessed. The Book of Acts tells us to get a Paul to look up to. A Barnabas to be encouraged by and a Timothy to leave it to.

Many can be a Paul because they went before you and shared the wisdom of their ways. Many want to be a Timothy and ask you to mentor them and guide them. Few are willing to be a Barnabas. A kind word at the time of doubt. A gentle reminder at the crossroads of humility. A loving nudge when you contemplate fatigue.

This last week in Dubai and Zimbabwe I learned the lessons of encouragement from my friend Victor Abraham. Whether in corporate settings, a church above, or the training we conducted, he taught me a lot. This week become an encouragement to someone by loving them, nudging them and praying for them. Even the motivators needs motivation. It's a way of the world.

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  1. Sir, I am inspired. You bring out the BEST in me.

    You are such a WONDER TO MANY!

    Thank you so much.
    Xabisa Ntoni -Higher Life Foundation