Sunday, May 19, 2013

Starting to Return Home

Years ago I made a decision that every time I traveled I would do so with the belief that the destination was home but the journey was going to take me a few places before that. The air show screen in the plane on this trip says that I have six hours to go before I reach home. Home where the heart is!

This trip had many firsts. The maiden training of a new company. The first training agreement in Africa. A friend and business partner who taught his first session. Pictures with eager students, oldest turtles, tallest buildings, and white lions topped off a wonderful time. However every thing we did reminded us of the long journey home. Impacting the world seems like a noble calling. Influencing seekers is always thrilling. Worshipping with other cultures reveals Gods all-encompassing grace. But acknowledging the foundation takes effort. The foundation of a home that provides a constant when you leave and welcomes you back with recognition. An embrace that says that they are proud of you while holding you with a knowledge that you will have to go again.

I will go again. In less than 48 hours I will embark to a less hostile locale, and more familiar crowds. The jokes will be the same but the response different. But that trip will also begin with the desire to return home. The world is an easy journey when the destination is home. Leaving is always enjoyable when the objective is returning. I love returning home.

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