Saturday, October 22, 2011

Predicting the Past

I write this as I fly home from Indianapolis. I have just spent two days with a friend, client, confidante, supporter, businessman, and fellow believer. He came into my life five years ago when I spoke at an event that he was attending. He then made an effort to know me and pursued that effort. I look back to five years ago and it feels like I was supposed to be in his home five years later. I was comfortable with his bride, and his pets. But we were born in two different parts of the world and in distinctively different cultural settings. Our paths of faith, habit and circumstance should never have intersected but for the pre-ordained will of the master who says he knew both of us before we were conceived. 

Brad has since accompanied me to India and shared his passion for the gospel in a church in the very city I was born in. Through a translator he had to explain why a as a successful businessman he would follow an itinerant evangelist half way around the world. God had already predicted this in our past by telling us through His word that he would one day appoint us as spokespersons to the nations. It did not seem possible until we were in the very slums of India experiencing heartache amidst human suffering and celebrating joy through organized effort  that we understood how coincidence works. 

This weekend was special. I worked with his employees, associates and friends. He was proud of me as I am of him. We are friends. Impacting each other, because a long time before we were ever here the Grand Weaver wove this tapestry of union. India would meet Indiana. Indiana would go to India. India would be invited to Indiana. I can almost predict what would have happened but I am excited about what has happened and look forward to what will happen. 

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