Saturday, August 20, 2011


"Wake up sleepy head" said the voice at the other end of the telephone. It was Christmas eve of 1992 and my bride called me from half a world away to inform me about her pregnancy. I had just been told that I was going to be a father and the only words I could remember were wake up. "It is a boy" said the lady who was running the gizmo over the goop that was on my brides belly. I could not see anything on the sonogram but played along as I was not going to admit that I could not see my own son between the lines. Simple words but rich with destiny.

"I think it's time " she said on the morning of the 28th of July, 1993. A short while later the nurse said "you can hold him now." I did not want to break him but once I held him I whispered to him so I would not scare him. "I am your daddy son" I said to the little life I held in my hands. "He is beautiful" I said to my mother in law while reminding her that this new born baby was her grandson as she beamed with approval. "He looks just like Anila" said my mother in law to my father in law who was getting the play by play over the phone. Comparative words but fused with devotion

"That's my grandson" said Zig Ziglar to the staff in the hospital giving us assurance as my boy fought for his life at just ten months old. "Tomorrow he starts school" said my bride as she reminded me that I could not have another trip on this important day. Decisive words but laced with direction

"I got my license" he shouted as he darted into the living room. "Be careful" we both yelled as he drove the car away from the house for the first time. He was off running an errand and then he was off running with friends and then he would start running his life. "Wake up son. Happy Birthday. I love you" were the words I said to him on his eighteenth birthday. I was now in India and time had reversed roles and seasons had changed. Determined words but filled with passion.

"Wake up son we have to go the airport" I said to him this morning after we had spent a week looking at colleges. "I love you too dad" he responded as we were landing in Dallas. Soon my boy will choose his own path and we will remember all the words. "Wake up sleepy head" I said to my bride. Defining words but filled with purpose.

Remind yourself of the words of your journey. You will quickly realize that what matters most is the ability to remember the poignancy of the moment when the simplicity of the words interacted with the choices in life.

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