Friday, April 8, 2011


In another time in a different country amidst a crowded market place, I remember sitting across from a beautiful girl. There were friends around who were close and have remained such over the years. But I had eyes for her only and was keen to capture this moment. Having nothing to my name but the love for her and nothing to offer but the promise of a world yet unseen, I asked her to marry me. My friends hurried and found two cheap rings made of steel and glass and with trepidation in my heart and a cheer from those that thought this union was worthy we exchanged those symbols. The memories of that day and all it entailed is forever etched in my heart. Not the details of how the moment came about or the sequence of events that unfolded but the feeling that someone so special and beautiful would ever be mine. She has been my bride and the author of countless such memories for over a quarter of a century.

I have traveled much since and seen most of the free world and captured additional memories along an itinerant life. She has encouraged me and guided me and never once complained about all that was promised that was not delivered. Instead like the unfolding of a painting on a canvas that is known in its finality only to the artist, this bride of mine has divinely blossomed to be the memory that God intended for my present.

With the past behind and the present around the future is a distant thought. But I believe that the value of this life and the unfinished story is a memory for others. Trekking through Hawaii as part of our twenty-five years together we have pledged to the making of new memories. I wanted to write this to just have a memory of how lucky I have been. If you need to live a life of satisfcation begin with the humility that you get to live it at all, then add the blessings that others want you in their painting and finally thank the artist that you were picked to be loved.

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  1. What an amazingly beautiful love story! Krish u write so vividly it feels as if if one is actually there as you tell your story. Now if I remember correctly her name is Anita. May you have 100 years more of marriage! Have you thanked your artist yet (-;