Monday, February 14, 2011


With the recent weather problems in Dallas and the resulting snow and ice the city came to a virtual halt. School closings and driving problems were some of the concerns as was safety and flight cancellations. In addition was this pesky annual event which caused everything to become a super headache. The fans were super mad and the reporters were super analytical. The business people were super annoyed at the super slow sales in what was predicted to be a super good economy. I was super glad to not be traveling and got a chance to make some super observations.

We don't care how bad the driving conditions are for us, but would like Chinese food to be dlievered along with pizza because it makes us feel better in our confinement. We watch the TV and hope that all the beautiful icicles and snow covered roofs would be within our view so we can enjoy the beauty but not on our roof because we might have problems. We want the government to police the utilities so that our neigborhood is never affected by the rolling blackout. We want the trash to be picked up because nothing is more unpleasant than all our garbage being frozen over a period of time for everyone to see.

Then comes the thawing and the melting and the openings and the return to normalcy. We are back to arguing about global warming and national cooling. It was at this point that I decided to look at my own garbage that had piled up in my mind and heart and remained frozen for my inner self to see. Why don't I just throw it away? It has not worked for me for a decade and yet I cling to it in desperation? Why can't I have a super trash pick up from my own doubts and fears and let go? The conclusion is that anytime my public life comes to a standstill because of things I cannot control, I will look at my private life and slowly eliminate all the trash that has piled up there. This periodic cleaning will be like the neighborhood aglow with newness and cleanliness. Like always this is my super cool opinion.

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