Monday, February 21, 2011

Role Models

An apparent consistency in the business and personal arsenal of present day successes is the need for role models and mentors. Almost every way you look the art of self-improvement and corporate advancement is tied closely to the need to have influencers who can guide the journey. Seeking help from others and creating opportunities for constructive criticism is a proven plan for reaching important milestones. The question then that beseeches us all is not whether we need role models but whether the role models we choose are consistent in their dispensation of ideas. But sometimes the desires of our heart clouds the logic required to select the right role models and we end up settling for the wrong conduits of information. In a post 9-11 world, the skeptical nature of humanity has created some interesting dilemmas for those seeking advice, guidance and boundaries.

On a recent television program a purveyor of morality and a champion of countless causes got exposed by giving a platform to someone who by all subsequent revelations turned out to be a fraud. But since the good over a period of time far outweighed this one snafu the world moved on. My business and spiritual mentor Zig Ziglar who is the most consistent man I know says that a father who tells his son not to speed but uses a fuzz-buster is actually telling his child that breaking the law is a crime but not getting caught is genius. When you choose role-models look for consistency in all they do. The following is a litmus test for role-models:

1. Are they doing themselves what they advocate you to do?
2. Do you appreciate them, admire them, respect them or just want to have their life? This is important in that one is trying to emulate their characteristics while the other is trying to vicariously earn the same level of fame that they have.
3. Do these role-models display consistency in their own personal lives when the lights are not on and the camera is not rolling.
4. Do you have the same role-model for all facets of your own life? Only the Living God can be the best at everything you need. All other mortals will fall short in one or more areas.

Seek consistency in your role-models and better yet seek wisely at which model you need for each facet of your own success.
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  1. I appreciate you, admire you and respect you Sir! Hope to meet you again sometime.