Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birmingham, Alabama

Recently I had the privelege of speaking to about 15,000 people in Birmingham, Alabama. This was not my maiden voyage there and as such the expectations of similarity governed most of the trip. The day started out with a chill in the air and dampness on the ground. Traffic was congested as people made every effort to get in on time to hear a line up of the who's who in American politics, sports and industry. Hidden in the agenda was the little kid from India who after twenty years in public speaking still gets nervous and anxious. After the introductions and the formalities that seem to dictate all speeches the change in the air began. I started to feel a connection with the audience that maybe I had overlooked in times past. They seemed to generate a warmth that egged me on. I started to motor into areas that might be controversial in some places but it was different here. They wanted me to speak my mind and share from my heart.

Is it any wonder that in this place generous giants of industry carved their legacy and civil rights icons began their marches. Itineration is not new to me and travel is something that happens automatically for us. However this trip and the resulting buzz in the Twitter and Facebook world convinced me that just when you think you have figured something out there is a neat reminder of the grandeur of it all. This week begin what you do with familiarity as that shows your experience. Then work diligently with pride as that shows your concern. Lastly anticipate the unknown with surprise as that will reveal wonder.


  1. First of all, welcome to Birmingham. We're glad you came.
    I have to tell you this: you were my favorite speaker. Maybe it's because, like you, I came from another country (was born and raised in Communist Romania) and, like you, have a greater appreciation for all things US. Maybe it's because you're just a great, charismatic speaker. Maybe it's because you're not politically correct. Maybe it's because you love God. Maybe it's because you kept referring to yourself as "Anila's husband and Nicholas' daddy." Maybe it's because you have a good heart. Maybe it's because...well, all of the above.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I brought my staff including my husband to the seminar. I was so excited as we rushed to the civic center. I thought I was coming to see Zig Ziggler as I had when I began my insurance career. I spoke of how he inspired me in my profession. However at the end of the day I realized that GOD had placed me there to hear your message. I sincerly appreciate your honesty and words of reality. My husband spoke of how he needed to do more as a parent to bless our children and I spoke of how your words brought me back to the true beauty of life... my family. Sometimes we get caught up in the hussle of life and things get out of balance and you find yourself stressed and depressed. However at the end of the day I am still Attallah and Mikes mom and that brings a smile to my face...Again thank you. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Please come back to Birmingham soon . :-)