Monday, January 17, 2011


Last year was a difficult year in that most of our family and friends experienced the highs of glory and the lows of grief. Tragedy struck with the going home of loved ones who left before all the goodbyes could be completed. Illness plagued them for the last years of their lives but with that tumult came the new bonds of healing through new friendships. My prayer for your friendships for this year are threefold.

1. Cherish the good memories and use the edit button in the camcorder of life to be able to erase the bad memories through the lens of forgiveness.

2. Form a union in heart and mind with those that you love that would stand the test of discomfort.

3. Reach out more often than you would normally do so that when the call of finality does come the mind is not searching for the chapter marked regret.

Remember that grief and glory are parallels in the race we called living. This makes them siblings under the umbrella of Father God. Make friends with the grief and you will understand glory.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Into every heart and every mind comes the random need to forgive. Into every friendship and every relationship appears the need to be forgiven. While man is capable of finding the love to forgive, we fail at allowing ourselves to be loved so that we can be forgiven. As another year unfolds let us make new resolutions to focus more on being loved than on loving. To this end we will be closer to the reception of an unfailing love- the kind the Psalmist alluded to.

This week I found myself seeking forgiveness from the most unlikely sources and in doing so enjoyed a conversation that relied more on my ability to listen than to speak. It is not uncommon that we rush to make noise rather than hunger for the stillness that comforts us. Today make a decision to seek out the relationships that have been strained by time and compromised by selfishness and without keeping score ask for forgiveness. You will find that in being forgiven you gain the greatest freedom of all- a life unburdened. If man does not forgive you because they are keeping score go on bent knee to the one who made forgiveness His career.

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Location:Flower Mound, TX